Any News on when Gemini will be Supported Again in the US?

I just bought a new macbook pro and I installed the brave browser. I tried to connect my Gemini account for the rewards and saw it said that it’s not supported by my region which is the US. I have the brave browser installed on my old imac and it’s connected fine to Gemini. Maybe my imac is grandfathered in? Any word when Gemini will be supported again? I saw from a google search that it’s temporarily not supported. Is there some way to connect to it since I’m already connected to it on my imac? What also stinks is I can’t use Uphold because I live in NY state smh.
Thank you for your help!

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@joero24 Gemini integration is down and nobody knows when, or if, it will come back up. The only thing that is in place now is that Brave has been trying to keep any existing connections active. What this means is it may let you reconnect ONLY on profiles that have been linked in the past.

If it’s a new profile, which it would be for your new macbook, then you’ll not be able to connect.

You can kind of read through topics below for more info:


ah that stinks. Thank you for your quick response. I hope they will be able to get the link back up and running again. I’ll have to keep browsing on my imac for a while then lol.


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