Cannot login to Gemini on Mac laptop

I have an iMac that I have been using Brave with Brave Rewards/Gemini for a while now. I recently purchased an M2 Mac laptop. I have installed Brave but when I try and setup Rewards and sign in to Gemini it states it is not available in my region?

Why can I not connect the same Brave Rewards/Gemini account on both macs?

I assume you’re not from the United States.
Gemini is not available to connect to Brave rewards in regions other than the US currently. You are able to connect on your old device, since you were connected to Gemini before this region unsupported thing started altogether.

In short, old profiles connected to Gemini earlier are allowed to connect whereas new ones cannot.

Thanks for the reply, but that is odd seeing as Gemini promote they are in UK on their own site!

Yes. But you do realise that Gemini and Brave are different compabies, so for partnerships there are contracts.
Also, the rules to be followed by Gemini and Brave are a bit different. Also, there’s more factors with rewards in play.

You can still connect to Uphold if you want. It’s supported for the UK.

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