Account verified on creator unverified on Brave (beta and nightly) browser

I have the same problem reported here. Since the thread is closed, I have opened a new one.
Firstly, I had no problems until last month, but since the last reward payment, some websites that have been verified in the last 3 years, are no longer verified.
To be sure, I have already tried with different browsers (beta and brave-nightly) and operating systems (android, GNU/linux and windows), there is a problem with these websites, as and many others have no problem.
Finally, I tried removing them from brave’s creators and adding them again, they appear as verified in the control panel, but not verified on brave.
Could this be a bug?

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I investigated further and the problem only seems to be present with the beta and nightly version. On the same device the brave release works fine. The strange thing is that the problem is only present on some websites.

I found the solution. Brave now requires to connect a custodial wallet in order to receive rewards [Action required] Changes to being a verified creator: connect a custodial account

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