Verified website not verified anymore in Dev & Nightly


my website is still verified in Release and Beta, but unverified in Dev and Nightly. This website was verified as publisher several months ago and no troubles so far. As a suggestion I assume it has to do with the new feature of wallet verification.
It seems a serious issue and should be solved before go live to Brave release.

I tried several times to renew the status in the popup, but that didn’t solve the issue.

Screenshot Brave Dev:

Screenshot Brave Beta:

I use Brave at Apple Mac.

Hope you have enough info for solving this.

@Herman_N more or less maybe this one can help answer Brave Rewards : User Wallets - A significant update

Ok thanks for the quick reply.

It seems this is the cause of the issue:
Issue 2 (Verified channels) - For launch, only Creators with one channel will be verified. This is a temporary stopgap while we work with Uphold to address linkability concerns for Publishers with multiple channels, the ETA on which is early August.

And it will be solved soon.
Great, I will follow the progress.

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