Creator profile doesn't show verified in Nightly

In brave Nightly, my creator profile is showing as Unverified. But when I check it in brave beta or stable, it is showing as verified.
The profile was verified in other browsers more than a month ago, but still doesnt show verified status in Nightly.


What happens when you click in “unverified”? Are you able to connect to your custodial wallet?

I guess you need to manually connect.

I mean the status is showing as “Verified creator” if the site is opened in Brave Stable Browser. But the same link in Brave nightly shows as “Unverified creator”

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I have the same problem and since 3 days also in the beta version.
So for now tipping is available only from Brave Stable version.

And i see most of polish sites have the same issue, examlpe: is verifed in brave stable and not in nightly and beta

Ahhh, understood :slight_smile:

@Mattches could it be a bug?

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@y2k @Sendilkelm Does no site appear as verified in Nightly, you can check, say, or does it happen only with certain sites? Can you post some links?

This could be a bug. Some creators here- don’t appear verified on Nightly but are verified on Release. appears as verified. But many other sites as not verified.
Shown as verified in Nightly:

Not verified in Nightly, but verified in stable:


These are listed here:

Verified in stable:

Not verified in beta and nightly:

I cannot see any *.pl sites verified in nightly or beta.

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Can you please tell me the name of your verified site so I can test on my end?

@Mattches sent you a dm

I will look into the issue, but you’re showing as verified in the stable build, so there is not much to be done here. Nightly is expected to have bugs and issues — most (if not all) users donating to you will be doing so via the stable browser anyway.

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@Mattches Yes, but this is present in the Beta version as well. Hope it doesn’t creeps into stable release.

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@Mattches Like Aman mentioned, the same issue now started coming in Beta as well.
Previously shown verified sites became unverified in Beta suddenly. I am afraid the same will creep into stable soon

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Estou passando pelo mesmo problema.
E minhas wallet verificadas na Uphold e Gemini foram desconectadas do nada e quando tento fazer a reconexão diz que a região não é suportada.
O Brave está cada vez pior e já estou a um passo de parar de usá-lo.
Nunca recebo meus BAT completos, desde de o mês de outubro de 2022 não consigo mais fazer doações para minhas contas verificadaas, a quantidade de anúncios foi reduzida a apenas um anúncio.

Thanks to everyone reporting this. We’re looking into any potential bugs here and should have some updates for you next week.

Thank you for your patience.


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