Creator accounts appear as "unverified" across multiple platforms (even though verified at

My Creator account, and the accounts of others appear as “unverified” across multiple platforms (even though I am shown as verified at

Is this a glitch in my Browser or is it not verified after all?

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Are you from a region listed at

If not, thats the issue. But we’ve also had issues where it shows unverified even if in supported region. Do revert back.

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I think creator account might be looking at the address on your custodian profile. I was having this problem and @Saoiray helped me troubleshoot. We assumed it was down to my region settings as I also had that other problem going on with selecting the wrong country. So I reset my browser and sorted out the region settings but that didn’t fix anything creator side. Same problem. Submitted a creator support ticket to be told Uphold fixed, still working on Gemini. Kinda frustrating when you’re notifying them after the fix that the fix does not work, especially given all the pre-ticket troubleshooting. I replied to advise it was not working and never heard back. So I carried on troubleshooting myself.

My ID with custodian matched country in Brave but I visited my user profile on Uphold which also has your address and realised that the country here didn’t match. To change it, you have to submit a support ticket to Uphold, reverify (in my case using the same ID) and use your support ticket to notify and provide new address once this has been done. A day or two later they fixed my profile so now everything matched. On the creator side my website immediately started showing as verified, but my social media channels still didn’t work. But a couple of days later they are back working again too (although sometimes I have to refresh, which I assume would fix if I clear the cache). Perhaps this is another thing worth checking and might help someone else out there? I hope so. :slight_smile:

@Dragendave Keep in mind it’s Saturday, so official Support won’t be around until after the weekend. What I will say is I went to your Twitch and also am seeing Unverified.

SmartyAadi and Thrive did mention something I kind of want to confirm with you. Are you verified with a country that’s supported? Keep in mind they are going to go based on the ID you provided, not with the address you’ve confirmed. So if you verified address for United States but have Canada passport you used as ID, then it would see you as Canadian. Where this kind of plays a role is if you used an ID for a country that’s not on the supported list.

Beyond that, will also suggest a basic troubleshooting they tend to ask people to do, which is to disconnect your Creators from Uphold and then reconnect. Sometimes that can resolve, especially after a 24 hour period.

Lastly, you may want to create a Creators Support Ticket so they can look into it for you.


@Saoiray, the same advice you gave me, I just hope creator support are a little more helpful this time! However for me in the end that did not work and it turned out to be an outdated address on my Uphold user profile (not Uphold ID) that fixed it.

When you were helping me troubleshoot my creator account we wondered if the issue could somehow be related to region settings. You might recall me asking where within Creator account do we state our address/country. Given my situation, it seems to me its taking your location from custodial user profile and not custodial ID?

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Well, it’s all tricky as they are changing things. In the past it used to look at both country in your Profile as well as your ID. I think it might still look at both for each, which is why it will say something about profiles not being completed if a person doesn’t have their Uphold Profile completely filled out. The catch though, is as I’ve talked to people from Uphold and Brave, they revealed that Brave isn’t able to actually see your address and a lot of the personal information. The API just works to show country, basically.

Since this rarely tends to be an issue and often comes up as a different type of error, I’ve just learned to focus more on ID because this is the primary things that people mess up on.

That’s exactly right and as it should be on the Uphold side, just the country (hence why we can’t change it without reverifying and Uphold support).

You guys do great work here in the forums, and I agree ID is usually the main problem. Just suggesting an extra step for creators to check if like me they fix all the ID problems and still show unverified on their creator accounts, perhaps check their user profiles also match their ID before submitting a support ticket. :slight_smile:

If you check the Picture once more… you should see that I am in deed Verified.

I am fully aware of the supported regions… (BAT Brigade Discord Moderator and Ambassador after all), so I am confused as to why my creator account would shows as unverified when on the Creator Dashboard it states that I am verified.

So yes… thanks for the tips but I am aware of all that. :slight_smile:

Oh and thx for checking on your end. That confirms a lot… why I have yet to see any sort of donations or that it is in fact shown to anyone that I am not verified.
Thus there must be an issue with

Wait… you are that Saoiray that asks a lot of questions at the community Calls, right? :slight_smile: Hey there!

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Yeah, I saw picture showing Verified for your Rewards but didn’t want to assume it was connected to the same place are your Creators. So generally ask questions and try to confirm information and then kind of build up from there. Learned to do so after helping a variety of people here, as often assumptions would lead to wrong suggestions.

Same here. I essentially just was giving a couple suggestions based on how I’ve seen Chriscat and others talk. Not to mention issues I’ve seen others had. Did you try to disconnect Uphold and then reconnect? That has resolved for some in the past due to a small glitch on Brave’s end.

Outside of that, likely will want to do the Creators Support Ticket I mentioned. While Brave doesn’t yet list it openly on website and all, they do tend to ask people here on Community to do it after topics go through a bit of a triage. It’s a way for them to get the personal information they need to investigate, such as the email associated with your Creators account.

Lmao, yep. Ask lots of questions there because of things I see here on Brave Community. Always trying to learn more information so I can better help people here. Then also like to take feedback and suggestions back to Brave in hopes they can make improvements.

I definitely recognized your username but wasn’t aware you’re a BAT Ambassador. Guess we don’t have you talking enough on things from your end on Community Call! lol. Usually it’s just BATearn and all when it comes to ambassadors.

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BATeaen is leading the Ambassador team, so that would make sense :wink:

Sure did try to reconnect… didn’t work either :confused:

I guess I’ll just create a ticket when I’m back home. :thinking: :slight_smile:

Again thanks for confirming that it’s not just showing to me.

Yep. I’ll also tag in @chriscat and @steeven here in hopes they can check it out later.

My creator dashboard showed as verified too - just my sites didn’t. Sorry, I had no clue you were so involved with BAT and knew all of this already :smiley: You’re in good hands with @Saoiray :slight_smile:

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Very true! :slight_smile:

No worries. I just hope that this gets fixed soon.

I suspect that this issue is with a lot of creators… :thinking:
Noticed a few recent posts on the Discord “show your work” channel not being verified creators and I didn’t know if it was just my browser not showing it correctly, or if it was a general issue…

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Honestly, likely a general issue. It seems like there are issues with Creators every time they’ve been moving to new version for Release. Such as how we just went from 1.46.xx to 1.47.xx. It might just be a coincidence but happened last couple times as well. Part of me is wanting to assume maybe they’ve just been prepping for the newer Rewards changes and maybe getting things crossed in the midst of it. If not that, then not sure what in the world is going on for issues to be popping up.

In any case, usually gets fixed after Support looks into things.

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I submitted the Ticket today. Let’s see :slight_smile:


Did it give you a rocket number when you got the email confirmation? If so, what is it?

no E-Mail… sorry. didn’t get any number

Now, after reconnecting once more… It does say Verified on my channels… but:

Uphold is reporting to us that your account connection is out of date. This could be the result of changing your Uphold password or other changes on your Uphold account. Please try disconnecting and reconnecting your Uphold account.

I am not even gonna bother with this Notification on my creator account for now… It’s working… I guess, so I’m going to ignore it for now.

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