400+ ads per month down to 0 since Sept 1st ... how it is possible!

I have three devices (one Andoid phone and 2 Win10) connected to uphold. I was averaging 400+ ads per month now one of my Win 10 has received 0 ads since September and the other Win10 received 24 ads on Sept first and none since then? How is that possible?


due to the new brave update it will be reset to zero on every month’s 1st date. Don’t worry there is no problem with that.

Do you have any arriving bat like the picture below

if it is showing like this it won’t be a problem.

I know it will reset but mine is still at zero. I get ads on Tabs like the following but the ad count stays at zero and I get zero rewards. Also, since Sept 1st I have not received any ad notifications.


its a bug that has not been solved by brave browser and in my second laptop i’m using brave browser it is having the same problem.
@steeven is please consider this issue.

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Same issue but a lil bit different. The balance got deducted 1 week before for “arriving in 7 days” thingy. And then I had .450+ BATS uptill now. But it deducted to 300 idk why!

My 0.150+ BAT got deducted, as I checked yesterday it was 0.450+

Ayo mate, which program are using to get that Upload/Download speed in the taskbar? Looks cool.

Netspeedmonitor, I’ll share you the exe if you want.

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Thanks, I found the link on google.

I appreciate it!

I am having the same problem. This monthly suddenly not receiving any ads anymore at all. Previous months i received 300+ ads. Have tried all suggested solutions but nothing works. Have reinstalled Brave but now i cant verify my wallet anymore since i have reached the limit of linked accounts apparently while i have only ever used brave on 3 devices. So whenever i try to solve the issue it gets worse…

Did you disconnect from your uphold wallet before reinstalling? I was going to disconnect and then reinstall but if I will still end up losing a connection to uphold then I don’t see the point.

No i forgot to disconnect it. So now i only have it connected on my phone and the other 3 connections are all lost on my laptop i think… Which raises the question, if you uninstall brave without disconnecting the wallet, and then install brave again on the same device and try to verify the wallet, does this count as 2 devices linked?

Even if you disconnect your wallet before uninstalling, it will count as 2 devices.

Well I might be bringing in a new record of ads this month for me. In six days since the reset on Sept. 1st, I got 267 ads and over 3 BAT, all in one browser from my PC.

I’m getting this issue as well, for some reason I’ve completely stopped earning any rewards whatsoever, has anyone managed to find a fix or a cause for this?

Ah so thats the end of brave rewards for me?

I mean you can either create a new Uphold Account with your relative’s ID or create a new Gemini account!

Thanks. I created a gemini account and linked that but the problem of not receiving any rewards/ads is till there…

Can you say which country you are from?

So I can see if there any active ad campaigns for your country…

Netherlands. On my phone i am still receiving some ads but also very little. On my laptop it is 0

Netherlands does have quite a few ad campaigns.
I will get back to you if I find any answer to this.