From lots of ads to zero ads

I’ve always received a lot of Brave ads. But, suddenly, the other day, I realized I hadn’t seen one for probably a couple months. So I checked, and, yes, it went from plenty to literally zero. I have read the articles suggested here, and I can’t find a reason why it stopped. I can’t think of any changes I made that would have caused this problem.

Although I’m good at fixing computers, and troubleshooting them, the world of BAT, wallets, etc., is still new to me, so I’m assuming there’s something I’ve miseed here that I’m clueless about. I was hoping someone might have some suggestions, please and thank you.

@happyglowlucky As long as you haven’t moved, used a VPN to appear elsewhere, or suddenly done something that might prevent notifications from appearing on your device…then chances are you got caught in a net that was meant to detect and deter fraud. Overall your best bet is to reach out to staff like @steeven or Mattches via direct message (DM) and advise them you’re no longer seeing ads. When you do that, include your Wallet Info from brave://rewards-internals (copy/paste that into URL bar to load it). They will take and research things from their end. It might take some time, up to a few weeks on occasion, but they should be able to help you figure out what’s going on or at least fix things on their end.

Thank you very much for your help. I wasn’t aware of a bug, so I’m thinking that must be it. Just wanted to say thanks!

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@happyglowlucky yeah, just make sure you’re contacting them if you’re still not getting anything and provide that Wallet Info they are going to need. Then as I said, might take a week or two to hear back, unless you get lucky. They are working on trying to resolve things yet.

Everyone gets the same sort of answer. I am just a Brave user like you, but I have been paying attention to the questions they have coming in & overwhelmingly this is the leader of the PACK. The front end may be different but the back end is always the same – not receiving BAT .This has been going on for well over a year. You should email me @ []

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