Getting ads every couple min. I click many. Zero rewards

I’ve been doing this for a week or so.

Now only do I get repeat ads - very annoying - after a week of clicking I have literally zero rewards.
Are only some ads paying ones?

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Can you elaborate more?

If you see Brave Ads (appears as system notification and not shown on web page), you’ll see an estimate earning @ brave:rewards

It’ll be accumulated and paid once a month, around 5th.

Thanks for your fast reply.

But no. If I saw an accumulation of BAT I would’t have written since there would not be any problem to write about.

As I wrote, “…after a week of clicking I have literally zero rewards.”

I just checked and I still have “0.0 BAT”.

What elaboration would help? I am on a Linux system. I use a VPN often. I’ve used Brave on and off for over a year - maybe two. I’m not a crypto nube and understand wallets etc. This is the third time I’ve set up Brave (my previous two wallets vanished but that’;s another issue). Not sure what other info would help. If you tell me what, I’ll share :slight_smile:

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Hello @p10111. Maybe the vpn is the problem. TRy without vpn and see what happen.

Checking - but I hope not. It would be ironic if Brave didn’t work right with a VPN :slight_smile:

I just saw that I don’t have a verified wallet with Uphold. That’s not something I want toi do right now - I hate sending my IDs to every random company that wants KYC for my potential 23 cents in BAT.

Is that necessary? The page suggests that it’s only needed if I want to withdraw my BAT.

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