Close to 50 ads viewed as displayed on ad history but Ads received this month is at Zero

Hey all,

So been using Brave rewards from earlier in the month and I get the ads on my Brave homescreen. I do click some of the ads that are really relevant to me and the 7-day ad history shows that I have received the ads and it normally shows the ones I clicked. However, the “Ads received this month” on the Brave Rewards page is at zero and so is the Estimated pending rewards. Just curious as to why it is happening?

I’m using the Brave Nightly version which currently as of this writing is at Version 1.23.5 Chromium: 89.0.4389.58 (Official Build) nightly (64-bit). I’m on Windows 10 Insider Preview Dev version Experience Pack 321.2906.0.3.

Hello @rbyogi let me ask @tmancey from the team to help you with that and have a nice day both of you

please note that it’s weekend so maybe you get late response

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same issue here, rewards stops, for more than a month and i only get 0.632 bat

your image say that next payment day is 6 April
are you sure that your time is correct in your platform setting

cause it should be 6 of march till the 1st of march come then the counter will reset to 0 as in your picture

So, platform setting as in the Windows OS setting or the browser setting? If it is the former, the time and date is right in the OS but if it is the latter, I don’t even know where those settings are…but the time on the Brave homepage is right.

the time in homepage come from the windows so if it fine then it’s ok

but the behavior you see happen to all of us on the first day of the month not on 27 Feb
it reset the counter of seen ads during the current month

so this

Next payment date change to 6 of the next month

Ads received this month reset to 0

so i see what is happened to you is just happened earlier than the expected day

but not sure why

The things shown in Image 1 is how it has been since the day I started intensively using Brave ads which was earlier in the month. How do I change the payment date? And hopefully, there is a solution to my issue?

when you first used brave reward and what is you brave version go to brave://settings/help and send a screen shot

@rbyogi @nashmusa Hi, I work on the ads team here at Brave. Would you be willing to screen-share to help diagnose the issue? If so, could you please email with available times and I will send an invite. Thanks, Terry

I use the Brave Nightly edition and honestly have no idea what the version was when I first started using Brave rewards. But here is the current screenshot

Hi there,

I just sent you an email.

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thanks for that and follow with tmancy he will be better than me to fix your issue

and have a nice day all of you

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