Ads received this month zero (0)

Why Brave for a while, although I receive ads it shows me that I have not received them during the month? This has caused that my rewards are not reflected in my wallet, despite having it verified…
I have a long time without receiving any type of reward for received ads…
Could anyone help me, please…


Ad count resets the first of every month. It looks like you have been receiving ads though as you have estimated earnings of 5.767 bat. You can see on mine that i have only 2 ads.

Thanks for the explanation, but in my case it is different, it always shows me zero ads in the received ads section.
Apparently my Ad account is reset every time.
Those profits of 5,767 bat to which you refer have been there for more than a month and never go to my wallet…
I really don’t know what is happening, but at the beginning when I installed Brave Browser everything worked perfectly, I don’t know if something had to do with the browser updates or if the Brave rewards policies have changed…
I only hope that you can support me with my issue and that I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.
thanks for your respond and support

Ok. Lets tag @Mattches . He can help solve that issue.

Next payment date on the screenshot shows May 7. Shouldn’t it show Apr 7? Weird.

I noticed that too. Definitely weird.

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Yes, really very weird.I have been dealing with this issue for a long time
could you help me to solve it please?

@Herrvader @Chocoholic,
The payment period has rolled over into the next month. It is currently April, and all earnings for the next month are for April 1st - 30th. The payout for those ads will be on May 7th so this is correct.

Please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID so I can take a closer look.
Thank you.

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I just thought it curious as mine still says Apr 7

When can i see mi wallet payment ID?

Excuse me , where can i see my wallet payment ID? How?


Thanks i got it…
But my wallet payment ID is my Key info seed
Is there no risk that they can steal my funds?

@Herrvader @Chocoholic

As long as you only provide that info to @Mattches or @steeven there is nothing to worry about. Only DM them and never post it publicly.

If I send a dm to one of them from their profile, only they receive it, right?

That is correct. They are brave employees.

but they don’t answer …

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