I haven't received brave Ads in over 2 months and there's absolutely no support

See the two images below. For 2 months I have been shown 0 ads despite my maximum set at 10 ads/hour and living in the UK where ads are available. My wallet is verified, I never use a VPN and am completely up to date with the most recent version of Brave.

I have a previous post about this that no one has responded to.

Are you using Uphold to receive your BAT every month? If so, you may have to go back into Uphold and verify a few more questions. This came about a couple months ago (the new questions) and might be the problem. If not, not sure of the issue.

Thanks for the reply, but ye I checked my uphold account and there doesn’t seem to be an issue there. I thought about just switching to a brave wallet but I can’t figure out how.

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