Youtube isnt working

Description of the issue: When i’m trying to watch youtube, the player doesn’t work.
How can this issue be reproduced? Im finding this issue is a constant and no fixes i’ve googled have solved it; Clearing Cache, Enabling Javascript & Flash, Reinstalling.

Expected result: The YouTube video should be played

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.16.68

Additional Information:

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Techincally, for youtube, you don’t need flash (it’s eol’ed at the eoy) and can have it uninstalled… I didn’t have to do this, but perhaps you might have to edit your shields settings for youtube? In your address bar when accessing youtube, click the lion head icon and for cookies set it to accept all cookies… or you can disable shields altogether for youtube and see if that works for you…

So, for example, the video below will not play in a Brave tab?

I’ve tried with Brave Dev and Brave Nightly on Linux an Brave Release on Win10 … all play fine with default settings.

Have you changed any settings since installing Brave?

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