YouTube Video not Working

hey so i saw an AD on Instagram from Brave and tested the Browser.
I Clicked on a YouTube Video and the Video is bugged like an Frame is freezing and
its flickers.
The Same thing on twitch on fullscreen

I Reinstalled the Browser but it didnt worked

Hello @Dxpe

could you disable hardware accerlartion


and see if it work and have a nice day

Seems like its worked. Thanks!

you welcome @Dxpe :slight_smile:

Today my Brave browser stopped loading/playing Youtube videos. It just keeps “loading” it, but won’t start the play. This happens in Youtube and outside of on other sites that uses Youtube embedded videos.

I tried everything I could: shield off, extensions off ( I got some extensions, only one is blocking ads uBlock Origin ), clearing browsing data, restarting Brave, going through Brave settings.

Everything was fine yesterday. I like Brave, but noticed how it really makes my Mac fans run, when Chrome usually didn’t. Brave did this especially on Youtube videos for some reason.

I’ve had this happen but only on android… killing brave or rebooting the phone caused youtube vids to play correctly again… maybe rebooting the mac will work?

Ok, today everything seems working properly BUT!! When I tried to connect my Mac bluetooth speaker/change the output to the speaker the YOUTUBE FREEZES!! I tried, but nothing made it work from this problem until I just unconnected the bluetooth connection to the speaker and just used my headphones (wirely).

Yes, this seemed to be the reason or one of the reasons why Youtube didn’t work on my Brave… sigh…

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