Youtube doesn't work with brave protection

Hi! I use W7 SP1 Still!!! and brave 1.47.186, since yesterday, youtube doesn’t work with brave protection, i have to disactivate brave protection to make it work, when is activate i can’t search videos, view comments, and videos doesn’t load, inclusive youtube show me a leyend that i dont have internet.

Sorry for my english!!!

Thanks for your help.

I’m having the same issue. In w7, 1.47.186. Youtube suddenly stopped working (was not in between reboots or Brave restarts). But it only doesn’t work in one profile. If I clear out cookies for YT, I can play one video, but when the page loads, google automatically logs me into youtube and any subsequent video cannot be played. Nor any shorts. It loads the page but no video stream ever starts playing. The controls at the bottom of the video window don’t even show up.

If I disable shields, it starts working again. This started yesterday.

As you guys should know, Brave no longer supports Windows 7. You are running older versions of Brave. Your browser has no doubt warned you of this. By not updating your OS, you prevent yourself from having new instances of Brave. Websites, adblock scripts, and more require all of these updates to continue working.

That said, I know the staff is looking to see if they can figure something out. You can see part of that conversation at the link below: