Youtube doesn’t work with brave browsers

Since a few weeks ago Youtube is not working with my brave browser, i can open it in any other but not brave.

Is not even loading the page.

i restarted everything and changed some cookies and codes but nothing yet.

any idea what can i do?

@itsbnp I’m guessing yours is one of two issues.

  1. Check your Shields settings. If you have Block Scripts enabled, then it will break sites like that as it will prevent the scripts which show videos and all from running. For example, I just went to YouTube and enabled Block Scripts and it made it look the same as yours.

  1. If that’s not the issue, then I’d assume one of your extensions would be causing the issue. Try disabling them and go back to YouTube or you can open a Private Window and check.

Thanks for your answer but is still the same.
Still not working

this is weird as I’m able to visit youtube on my end.
did you try opening youtube in private/incognito window and confirm if it will load there or not…

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Disable shields for youtube. Site is trusted enough and the shield will stop videos from playing

Can you do screenshot of your Shield settings?

Primarily, I want to see what they are for YouTube. So go to the site, click on the lion, and make sure it extends to show Advanced Controls.

In the meanwhile, if you open it in a Private window, does it work?

Sure, if you check the screenshot you can see

i’ve done the same in a private window and private with Tor and is the same

Make sure to try delete cookies, site settings and unchecking everything here


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