Youtube not working on brave browser after update

After today’s update youtube has stopped working, also i updated the brave://components/ and tried to turn off the shields, but nothing is working. If I log out of my account then it works orelse it doesnt, please suggest something that can be done.

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I’ve just updated to the latest version of brave youtube doesnt work! all i get is black screen with blocked due tto adblocker. I’ve seen loads of other people saying they get the same, but sadly brave dont look to have a working fix. Youtube works on firefox, so I think its time to bin brave.


We have addressed this several times — like here for example:

As stated there, it is an ongoing issue that we are constantly working on and resolving. Further, reports of this issue have subsided substantially in this last month (since the last update of that post) — I haven’t seen more than one or two instances of this since then and the ones that I did see were due to those users having other ad-blocking/privacy extensions installed that Youtube was picking up and blocking.

Can you please confirm whether or not you have any additional extensions installed related to privacy and/or ad-blocking (uBlock, Ghostery, Ad-block plus, Privacy badger, etc)? Additionally, can you confirm in brave://components that you’re running the latest versions of both the Brave Ad block Updater (v1.0.2583) and the Brave Ad Block Resources Library (v1.0.81) at this time?

Thank you

Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.2583
Brave Ad Block Resources Library - Version: 1.0.81

are installed on my brave

There are no extensions installed on my brave, i removed all of them and then tested my system.

Yeah, YT have updated the scripts, working with uBO devs to a fix asap.


Looks like some other users are seeing this as well — team is discussing the issue presently. Will update here as soon as I have more information.


ad blocker not working anymore. but people saying firefox is still working so bye for now brave

Fix was rolled out, if you still see issues clear the cookies/cache for youtube then relogin

It affected uBO also, so not Browser related

If the fix was rolled out, then how do I update the thing? like browser update has not been released yet, so how do I update the uBO?

Its updated in the background (every 90mins or so), no need for a browser update or anything.

Thanks, It’s working.

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