YouTube iOS website broken

Website no longer showing any bottom UI, such as subs, history, home, and when on a specific video, no video details, comments, etc.

@sdaniel seems like it’s just your settings or something.

And on Desktop view, it’s harder to see on this, but the sub, history, etc appears on the left.

So I guess have to ask:

  • Did you put any custom filters in Shields or anything?

  • Can you try turning Shields off to see if there’s any difference?

  • Can you try in private window?

  • Have you tried clearing cookies or cache?

  • Care to provide more details than to just say ios and Brave? I mean, which version of iOS? Is it iPhone or iPad? Which version of Brave are you using?

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Indeed: turns out “YouTube mobile distractions” needs to be “ON” under “shields and privacy” > “content filtering”


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