Youtube Page is broken at iOS at iPad - Customization Not Possible

Hello Experts,

I like to report there is full Youtube Page function such as customisation is not working with the iPad OS - tested in iPad Pro 11 inch 2020 as well iPad Air 3 with Brave Version 1.19

Here is the picture of the same

The right hand side of the pop up window never load so that I can customise it as ‘Dark Theme’ same thing happen when I try to get the share link from a video

Also after couple of row scrolling down the brave not able to load anymore Youtube videos at Home page where all recomendation and new videos shows up

The above problem is only fro brave - Safari don’t have such problem, please let me know what is the solution here.

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does turning the shield off help?

No, just tried - Turning shield off yield the same result. no change.
Also I’m using this because of that shield. :slightly_smiling_face:

try to disable all extension and also use private mode and see if it work

Didn’t find the extension settings, where it is located?

right this in the address bar brave://extensions/

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The above command go to Google search page, not the extension option.

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brave://settings/extensions then manage extension

I tried to enter the above in the address bar as well as just without extension in both case the result is the google page opned. Below is the screenshot of the same.

when you paste this line in url bar do not tap on the search icon

let us try something else try to use private mode and see if it work?

I’m using a Keyboad + Mouse combo, I select them and paste them and hit enter…
Private Mode also makes the same result…no chnage. Also to add Private mode got the same YT broken page as my first post states.

does creating new profile help ?

Didn’t see any profile option anywhere - Please let me know where it is…

in the menu can not you see create new profile option there?

Here is the complete menu / settings option at iPad OS of the brave

Also starting of the menu / settings (additional post due to 4 image restriction)

let me ask someone from the brave team @Mattches to help you

hope your issue get fixed soon and have a nice day

Hey OP, don’t mind if I post the issues we faced, along with some extras you might relate to here because mine didn’t receive any reply.

Having running the latest version of both iPadOS and Brave on my iPad Pro, these issues have been annoying to say the least:

  1. On YouTube, page randomly freezes while playing or scrolling down to the comments.
  2. I can’t access my YouTube account settings after tapping on the channel icon. It simply expands a white column (by default, you’d see change to Night theme, change account, channel settings, etc…) that stays on loading forever.
  3. Certain sites won’t load, or simply display incorrectly even with Shield down. For instance, (Bitcoin advertising network) returns a white page while (gambling site) is forced into the first quadrant of the page after disabling the Shield, otherwise nothing shows up.
  4. Pre-roll ads still show on YouTube, although they are “paused” before the video plays, with every annotation appearing right away, including the ‘Skip Ad’.
  5. When playing a YouTube video and switching to another tab, sometimes the audio stops playing at random even with the progress bar continuing, or simply disappears from the Notification Center.

I raised this on back in May, thought I’d check out brave again and yet it’s still not working, no message from the team to say they acknowledge the issue or anything.

New company wants to change the world with a new browser, doesn’t talk to or acknowledge their community when they take their time out to list issues in the proper way.

So is there ever going to be a fix for this?

Just to add to my comment, if I turn off desktop site, the mobile site kicks in and it does work. The issue seems to be in desktop mode.