YouTube bug that i have recently encountered

Hi, I am starting to get problems with YouTube with some weird stuff. I can still play the video like normal, but the title, comments and other videos will not work as it not appearing as intended. I don’t know what to do and I would like to request for help for the occurrence

I just tested on my iPhone and not having any issues. Can you explain a few things:

  1. Which version of iOS?

  2. Which version of Brave?

  3. Can you share a screenshot of what you’re saying is the problem?

I am currently using an iPad and I am not sure which version I am using. But I do know that I am in iOS 16.4 and here is a screenshot. You can see that even 10 seconds in the video, the title, comments and recommendations will not work

Do apologise if the image does not show up, I will find another way

Just to be clear, on 16.4 only? If so, can you try to update to 16.4.1(a)? The reason I ask this is there had been an update around iOS 16.4 that actually had broken things in Brave where content didn’t load unless we turned off the toggle for Block Cross-Site Trackers. Within a couple days of that release, Apple gave us 16.4.1 and then yet again, 16.4.1(a) that seemed to fix this issue.

I’m wondering if that’s what might be occurring with yours? It would be nice if it’s just a simple idea of you needing to update iOS to fix it, but wanting to see.

Yes as I have not yet updated it.

I have just updated it but the problem is still there

@A1DAN Hmm, so yours is something else. Guess last three things to ask:

  • What Shield settings are you using?

  • Do you have any content filters active?

  • Have you tried clearing cookies

Beyond that, can tag @fanboynz in case he might have an idea on what’s going on. Just keep in mind it’s the weekend now, so might be a few days before anyone from Brave can follow-up.

1: I don’t know

2: I have blocked all cookies, all web annoyances, website chats, switch to app notices, social elements and any dangerous websites

3: yes I have tried that and yet the problem still persist

Try these settings from Brave’s settingsBrave Shields & Privacy (the second screenshot is → Content Filtering). Any more than that stands chance to break.

And yeah, like said, kind of running out of ideas on my end, if we assume you’ve fully updated Brave and iOS.

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