Brave with the shield up makes most web pages just a wall of text and makes Youtube unusable

What do I do as when I turn off the blocker, things seem to work fine. I am also running the latest update for brave.


FFS I just created an account to post the same problem. It seems to be directly linked to the “Trackers & ads blocking” setting in Shields. The second I disabled it and restarted the browser things ran fine.


I just created an account to post this xD


Made an account to post the exact same issue. Turning shields off fixes the problem, for now. Glad to see it’s not just me.


Same issues here i cant get into any website with the shield on, brave please fix asap!!!


I see the same problem. Trackers & ads blocking is the problem. After disabling it, everything runs fine.

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same issue here, literally just made an account to talk about this. Weird issue, was there some automatic update that went out or what?


Same issue on desktop browser for Arch.

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Confirmed, it just happened suddenly in the middle of my youtube watching as well, it just got disconnected. Fb will show the same like your while google will be missing the logo. Reloading the youtube is unusable. I believed the shield is having problem

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Glad to see I’m not the only one. It seems like Brave is blocking every script on every website regardless of settings, so long as Brave shields are up. It started for me just a few minutes ago.

Not affecting the iOS app for me though


That worked for some sites for me, but GMail is still a blank page, and YouTube loads but won’t quite play videos after that.

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Same issue here, just suddenly happened.

Yeah, I actually uninstalled the whole browser and tried reinstalling. There was a newer version than the install client that I used, but event the previous version was doing this for me. Even brave search won’t display properly. Only thing that shows up right is the brave start page with the clock etc…

Apparently turning off “EasyList Cookie” in the content filter lists in the settings fixes it, it has for me. Weird. Once you do that, shields will work fine again.


Same here. Every single site is broken unless i allow all trackers and ads. Youtube comes up with a message that i am not on the internet. I saw there was an browser update, so i installed it and it was still the same.


Exact same problem here, started within the hour. Now it’s doing the same thing with the browser on my Android phone whenever the shields are up. I hope this emergency gets solved very soon or I won’t be using the Brave browser anymore…

This fixed brave browser for me, I just tried it and things seem to be back to normal.

Could some kind of tracker, or cookie cause this that one would pick up from a website like youtube? Because it still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense from a dev stand point.

Confirmed on this. This seems to be the broken list. Disabling this will allow brave to continue to block most trackers and ads while allowing webpage function again. Could be a hostile move be google to break privacy browsers.

I used an old install client from dec 2023 and still found this happened even with a clean install.