YouTube login and autoscroll broken (also this support forum!)

Description of the issue:
So Youtube mobile auto scrolling broke on Brave for my partner about a week ago. Home and trending wouldn’t load more than five or six videos but subscriptions worked fine. Now it hit me. This is the main thing we do on this platform. To trouble shoot it, I uninstalled and reinstalled Brave. Now when I try to sign into YouTube (either mobile or desktop), I get a screen that says “the URL was blocked by a content blocker”. I also tried it with Shields off but I get the same message.

Also just coming to the Brave site was terrible on iOS. I had to go landscape on the desktop version to get the right layouts be able to see the entry fields creating a profile. And I am trying this barely being able to see half a line in this text box. Whatever the formatting is is broken.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details

IPhone 6s, 13.5.1

Hi @Nonya, we’re aware of it. Is being investigated. Just as a temp option, disable site-trackers in shields. Apologies for issues

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Okay, thanks @fanboynz ! Good luck!!

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