YouTube is broken on desktop browser

I haven’t been able to use YouTube on Brave for a couple of days now, i can see the main site and watch videos just fine, but when i go to the subscriber or history tabs, the site shows absolutely nothing.

And when i watch i video, the recommended videos don’t show up.

I’ve tried reseting history/cache/cookies, using a VPN, and different YouTube accounts, and none of them worked, yet the site works completely fine on Chrome or Firefox, what can i do?

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 1909

Brave version: Versión 1.34.80 Chromium: 97.0.4692.71 (Build oficial) (64 bits)

There has been some recent reports also affect FF/uBO.

We’re still investigating. Does disabling shields help?

I uninstalled uBlock Origin and disabled the Brave shields, and the problem persists.

A little update, the problem went away the next day after the last post, it worked well for a few days, but it ended up coming back and it’s still broken.

I would suspect it is there end. I would try clearing the cookies/cache. then relogin. Also if you’re using SecureDNS or a VPN, I would disable this.

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