Numerous bugs on iPadOS version

Having running the latest version of both iPadOS and Brave on my iPad Pro, these issues have been annoying to say the least:

  1. On YouTube, page randomly freezes while playing or scrolling down to the comments.
  2. I can’t access my YouTube account settings after tapping on the channel icon. It simply expands a white column (by default, you’d see change to Night theme, change account, channel settings, etc…) that stays on loading forever.
  3. Certain sites won’t load, or simply display incorrectly even with Shield down. For instance, (Bitcoin advertising network) returns a white page while (gambling site) is forced into the first quadrant of the page after disabling the Shield, otherwise nothing shows up.
  4. Pre-roll ads still show on YouTube, although they are “paused” before the video plays, with every annotation appearing right away, including the ‘Skip Ad’.
  5. When playing a YouTube video and switching to another tab, sometimes the audio stops playing at random even with the progress bar continuing, or simply disappears from the Notification Center.