Full screen album art of youtube video showing blank brave browser ios16

After updating to ios 16.1 the youtube videos are playing as same in background but the Lock Screen album art cover or thumbnail is playing blank
I gave attached the image please try to solve.

Try disabling Hardware Encode and Decode from brave://flags

I think brave://flags is not accessible in mobile brave ,
If possible can u elaborate the step.

I’m not sure since you’re on iOS. I use an Android and have the flags option.

It is not available in ios yet. :pensive:

Sed Loife. @Saoiray @Aman_M @rodrige any help ?

Not sure. @bsj9339 What’s your Brave version? Is Brave’s related notification settings on Lock-screen is set properly (everything enabled)? Can you play YouTube in Desktop Mode and see if there is a difference?

May be better to put Brave & OS version together somewhere so that it’s easier for support to find relevant items.

I am attaching the screenshots of notification settings of brave, version of brave browser and ios version is already attached.

But still not solved

@bsj9339 Maybe try to change Show Previews to something else and see if that works. Do post an update.

Same existed

Tagging @Mattches to see if something can be done here. @SaltyBanana @Evan123

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No solution till ?!!

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Hi @bsj9339 thanks for the update.

I just tested this on Safari and it is the same issue there. Which makes me think it might be an issue/limitation with either iOS 16 or possibly Youtube?

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