YouTube embed code stopped working on Brave

YouTube embeds stopped working on Brave browser today. Still works on Chrome browser. Is it just me?


Example: shows image, but will not play.

No issues with playback of this link

I get: An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: yghyp1DPvLKWHLO4)
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Try clearing the cookies and cache, and failing that try in private window mode.

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I signed out of YouTube and it works again. Thanks.

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Ok, so I started having the same problem about one week ago (on firefox aswell) and I managed to find out what causes it, at least in my case.

So here is what happens, if you are logged on two google accounts and you use the secondary account for youtube, the embeds will stop working.

You have to either go to and switch to the primary account OR logoff both gmail accounts and make sure you log in first on the account you are planning to use on youtube.

More people on reddit are reporting the same problem:

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For me the problem is that it just doesn’t work with Brand Accounts, Your solution works, but now I have to redo all my Gmail account bookmarks because those are labeled:
" "
and this changes the 0 account. Thanks.

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