YouTube won’t let me use account on brave, but no problem on safari?

I use YouTube on brave only now because of the nonexistent ads that I get, but yesterday it wouldn’t let me sign in.

Try clearing the cookies & site data and cache in Brave Shields and privacy. Then close all the tabs and restart Brave @Busted741

That happens if you get Copyright-Strike in your YouTube Channel or you do something against the terms…

I too had an old channel where I posted random stuff and it got Copyright-Strike and I can’t use it anymore.

But, is that problem only in the Brave Browser or does it exist even on Chrome, etc.?

I JUST created that account though. Google said it wasn’t suspended as well, so it’s only the brave browser that this is happening on. That’s why I’m confused. There’s no way I could have done anything wrong if I haven’t even used the account yet, right?

Can you login into that account using the YouTube app? Just try…

The funny thing is that I did and it worked. My issue is that brave isn’t working. Idc about the app that’s loaded with ads. Signing in on there didn’t solve my issue.

I made you do it to see if your YouTube account was termed or if Brave Browser is the issue.
And it shows that Brave is causing the issue…

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