Youtube won't work on brave but it works fine on other browser

Hi so recently i’ve been having issues getting on to youtube, every time I search for youtube i’m just greeted with this;

This has never come up before with brave before, so anyway I agree to the terms then try to log in, but nothing happens! its just stays at this cookie policy page, I have the shield down, i’ve tried enabling all their cookies, i’ve deleted browsing data/cache ect but no matter what I do I can’t get past this dam page.
And youtube is working fine on safari, completely stumped so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Can you try creating a temp. browser profile and seeing if you get the same results when you visit Youtube on the new profile?

This is just a standard consent dialog box from youtube In specific countries., not a Brave specific issue.
Easy to preproduce here, VPN into the EU (I chose Germany) and the logout, and get the same consent message. Unfortunately there is no way around the popup. Maybe VPN into a different location? @Frazer

yea man, tried that not luck.

What region are you currently located in (if I can ask)?

yea no bother i’m in UK

Would accepting the consent popup “I agree”, would that be an option? Just to get rid of the popup window.

Yea thats the problem when I hit agree nothing happens, when I hit log in nothing happens too.
The weird thing i’ve got the same brave account synched with my phone and youtube works fine on it.

No extensions, private window mode. Just tested (3x), clearing cookies in each attempt, using a UK IP

If you’re still unable to interact with this pop-up, can you try sharing the console output here?

  1. Visit
  2. Open dev tools window (cmd + option + i)
  3. Click on the Console tab
  4. Click on the I Agree button

Afterwards send a screenshot of any output displayed in the console.

Ok so that got me past the popup, but then when i try to log into my account it just comes up an error message. Even when Im not logged into my account and I click a video i also just get an error message

Ok so when i go on console i get this

Shot it the dark @Frazer Try a,, ytInitialPlayerResponse.adPlacements, undefined),, playerResponse.adPlacements, undefined),, adPlacements),, [].playerResponse.adPlacements),, playerResponse.adPlacements)

Try adding each one into brave://adblock (then refresh page, and test), see any of these fixes it.

Ok cheers, could you walk me through how to do that ?

Just copy the first line, and paste into brave://adblock, then refresh the youtube page, and then just keep adding each line to brave://adblock. See if affects it.

I’m not sure if this will Fix the issue, but its worth a try.

ok tried it there, no luck.

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