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I’m having a problem with YouTube. When I load a playlist I have to reload the page after every video plays. YouTube is giving me an error message. My suspicious mind is telling me google has rigged the system to interfere with browsers that block ads. Youtube seems to work fine in chrome.

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Can you try clearing the cache/site data for Youtube and then see if the issue persists? You can do this by:

  1. Visiting Youtube
  2. Click the “lock” icon in the address bar
  3. Site Settings --> Clear data

Tried it. Didn’t work.

Do you have any extensions installed at this time?

Several. Lastpass, Turn off the lights, adblockplus, and a few more.

It was working fine this morning. I’ve restarted Brave, restarted the computer, & modem. As I said. Youtube works fine in Chrome

Is it safe to assume that you’re logged into YT when you see this issue? If so, can you try logging out/back in and see if anything changes? Additionally, you may want to try testing a separate browsing profile to narrow down (hopefully) where the issue is coming from – a conflict with the browser itself or something related to stored data in your browsing profile.

Go to Main menu --> Create new profile once created, close your previous window (with your usual profile) and visit Youtube using the newly created profile. See if the results are the same.

Screen shot

Well, creating a new profile seems to have solved the issue.Thanks. But now I have several new issues to deal with. Erased all of my extension.

Actually, It didn’t solve the issue. I shut down the browser and the problem return when I restarted youtube

Been having this issue aswell, I think it’s part of Chromium however, as my wife has this very issue on her pc, and she still uses Google Chrome. So that’s my guess, but it is anoying. Autoplay, eg playing next video automatically, never sees this issue however.

So the issue should either be in Chromium, or worse, with Youtube itself.

I only have Google Translate installed, she has nothing.

Close shields Try!good luck

@zhida @hultin @ashencrumbs

Note this has been reported a bit, by other browsers (not just a Brave issue).

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yeah i have that to, it’s really weird

Yeah, that’s why I am thinking it’s either Chromium or on Youtube’s end.`

Thank you all for reporting. We can certainly look into this but I believe it’s likely going to have to be an upstream fix. Apologies for the inconvenience. I believe that signing in/out and clearing your browsing data can sometimes resolve the issue.

I’ve rolled out some changes to youtube recently. Keep an eye out for the next 24-48hrs. @hultin @sami @Rotary

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