Youtube wont work even with shields down

My YouTube doesn’t work, I always get the addblockers message, but I already deactivated all my extensions and shields and nothing works, I still get the same message

@Liddelicus make sure to follow instructions as has been shared below:

It depends,maybe try deleting ur account then,looking for the video you want to watch

Deleted all my extensions and I have brave always up to date, don’t know what are custom filters but clearing the cookies seems to work for a few days then the message appears again.

I honestly do not know what to say but you can visit google help center,maybe that will help,cuz as far as I know google made youtube.

This is only if it persists.
If the instructions dont work you might have to go on youtube on another device.

Just clear the cookie and cache in brave://settings/content/siteDetails? (which will clear the logins), then re-login.

Keep shields up, the issue was fixed


I’ve been facing this issue from the last 1 week, this one solved the issue. Thanks a lot.

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Same issue here, youtube is blocked even with the shield down, and problem doesn’t come from another extension

Okay, but did you follow all instructions? For example, deleting cookies?