YouTube - Description and comments section fault

Description of the issue:
These past few days using YouTube has been difficult as the description box and comments section is glitching badly.

How can this issue be reproduced?

I’m not sure - perhaps it’s just me! This is the standard use of YouTube on my mobile device.

  1. Watch a video (working just fine - no adverts, thank you!)
  2. Open description box by clicking on “more…”
  3. Read comments section

What goes wrong is when I move on from watching any particular video by clicking on another, the description box and comments are from the PREVIOUS video. I cannot load comments from the video I am currently watching, nor read the correct description.

Additionally, sometimes the comment section does not load at all and there is just a spinning ‘loading’ icon.

Mobile Device details
Oppo A74 5G

Additional Information:
Latest update of Brave Browser installed


Same here. Mainly comments not updating to new video. Old comments from previous video stay on new video. Problem persists with shields down. May mobile yt site problem?

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Created an account just so I could reply to give this post a bump. I’m experiencing the same issue on my Pixel 7 with Brave.

Application Version
Brave 1.51.110, Chromium 113.0.5672.77

Operating System
Android 13; Build/TQ2A.230405.003.E1

Edit: I forgot to mention that I’ve been experiencing this issue since at least yesterday (5/10/2023). Maybe the day before.

Edit 2: I seem to have the same issue on Chrome, so this may not be a Brave issue. Might be related to Chromium or YouTube itself (as Runningriver mentioned).


Yeah. I also have the same issue on mobile. I hope they fix whatever issue is causing this.


For me on ipad, brave shows the video ad free, but the comments and other videos recommended on the right dont appear unless i disable cross site trackers, but that re-enables ads

@Jeandtilley it’s most likely because you’re not using most recent version of iOS. I just responded to someone else who was sharing similar issue. Check it out at YouTube bug that i have recently encountered - #4 by Saoiray and let me know if iOS version you’re using isn’t 16.4.1(a) or so, which is current.

  1. Refreshing the page corrects the issue by itself.
  2. In android there are 2 new options: i) Hide youtube recommended content ii) Hide youtube distracting elements.
    If you have those options enabled, then I do not see the comments below the video at all. Disabling these options brings the YT page normal.

It’s because I was messing with the Fanboy’s custom filters, now that I’ve turned them off, it’s working again.Thanks

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The issue (as described in Capdan’s original post) seems to have resolved for me. Video description and comments are updated correctly when I navigate to new videos. I have made no changes to any Brave settings, and my application Version is unchanged. I assume this was a temporary bug with YouTube’s mobile website.

Thanks for reporting the issue, Capdan, so I at least knew I wasn’t crazy! :sweat_smile:

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@Capdan you still having this issue?

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Yt is not the an issue honestly. It seems to be GOOGLE.COM or, which should not even exist if I am correct. It has totally effected the overall use of ny internet.

Sorry, I forgot to come back and comment that the issue has indeed resolved!

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