Youtube blocking brave again

Youtube is detecting brave’s Adblock, again. it’s been like this for the last 2 days.

any timeline on an update?

third day. still no fix. what’s the point of this browser if you can’t even keep it functioning?

Using Malwarebytes application? or any other extension?

Yeah, I can’t even get WEbGL to work yet it works on chrome. Doesn’t make any sense.

Disable Malware bytes extension. Just use Brave for adblocking. Other 3rd-party extensions will cause issues.

negative. just brave.

Try testing in a different profile, Brave Beta maybe

now i am being forced to watch the ads, regardless of whether i’m logged in or not… like adblock ain’t even there…

@GKeeper316 Please provide information and try the steps listed below.

  1. What version of Windows are you using? (And is it on a VM or anything or is it normal desktop/laptop?)

  2. What version of Brave are you using (please give exact version number)?

  3. Provide a screenshot of your info at brave://components. I especially want to see what it shows for Brave Ad Block Updater, Brave Ads Resources, and Brave Ad Block List Catalog

  4. Open in private window and try

  5. Screenshot of your Create Custom Filters area at brave://settings/shields/filters (is it blank or have you added anything?)

  6. Create a new profile (Hamburger Menu imageMore ToolsAdd new profile). Don’t add extensions or change settings, just test out of the box.

  7. Download Brave Beta and/or Brave Nightly and see if you have problems there as well.

Most of us have no issues. As has been explained time and time again in places like NOTICE: Youtube ads bypassing Shields — issue is known or YouTube Aggregated issue (Merged Topic) is that YouTube is constantly changing things. It doesn’t matter if you’re on Brave, Vivaldi, Firefox, Waterfox, Safari, Chrome, Edge, or whatever. Nor does it matter if you’re using Shields, uBlock, uBlock Origin, Adblock, or any other adblock…all browser and adblock technology get impacted and have to make adjustments to filters.

The other headache to things though is a lot of people use a variety of extensions that cause issues. People also try to customize things, adding custom filters and all which can end up triggering responses. In order to get the best results, you have to limit the extensions and programs you have running.

The best overall solution for most of us is to ditch YouTube entirely as they are trying to play these dumb games and wage a war against anyone trying to avoid their ads. It even has impacted places like Revanced App

and now, all i can watch is ads. the ads finish and youtube doesn’t load the video.

bang up job.

windows 10, no.


doesn’t matter if its a private window, if i’m signed in, i get ads.

Same for new profile? Or for Beta/Nightly?

I’m sitting here trying to think why you might specifically be having issues. I know in all my testing on Windows and iPhone, I’m seeing no ads on YouTube. Others I know using the browser also aren’t having problems. So then it’s narrowing down what might be happening with you, including if it’s something region specific.

I uploaded a Video to Rumble. What I didn’t realize when recording and kind of makes me seem dumb is that the movies one I tried showing you are protected by Widevine, so they show a black screen. I guess you’ll have to take my word on it when I say no ads showed on that.

i get no ads with a new profile…

with the old profile, tho… i am forced to watch all of the ads. like, i do not get the option to go to the next ad video or skip the current ad. i am forced to watch the whole damn thing.

also, after being forced to watch the ads, i sometimes get no video. just a blank black screen where the video should be.

Which tells us issue is likely one of three places.

  1. Cookies (which is actually being called site data instead of cookies now, btw)

  2. Extensions

  3. Settings

Of those, it’s usually more likely in the first 2.

  • Are you using extensions? This is what I’m wanting to place my bets on for you to experience issues. Especially since you said issue occurred even on Private window, as Private should start without cookies.

  • Did you try clearing cookies from brave://settings/clearBrowserData? If so, did you make sure to change the time range? By default it’s just 1 hour.

So you’d want to change to like All Time instead. It will log you out of everything, but can fix the issue. If you did it just for YouTube only, like through the thing below


This might work but Google tends to add their Google cookie that persists across all Google owned sites. Which is why when you login to like Gmail it will have you signed in when you go to YouTube and all. So generally when deleting, need to clear all. Not sure if you did that, so just sharing and clarifying. And yes, Google has been trying to leave behind cookies for people they are “blocking” for using adblockers.

So definitely would do the one below:


I don’t use malware bytes. I only use brave. I do use clean my mac but I have turned that off and WebGL still doesn’t work on Brave. It works on Chrome with zero issue.

Yeah, there is new issue out in the wild. Youtube have updated the detection. List authords are still working on it. Not a Brave specific issue, will affect all browsers using adblocking.

cleared cookies and removed all extensions and i hadn’t touched my setting in months before it started 4 days ago.

still happening. i hate google. so much.

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The issue has gotten worse.

As of today even trying to load the main YouTube page in ANY brave broswer window instantly crashes Brave. No warning just gone and it restarts with “Restore Windows”. It crashes instantly no matter what. I have gone through all the steps suggested, everything is updated and matches ideal settings and YouTube works just fine in every other browser I’ve tried even with AGGRESSIVE adblocking installed and tampermonkey scripts pulling out their ADs.

This is very much a Brave specific issue.