XEN - importing networks to Brave wallet

There is a new crypto project, XEN coin. It is distributed by an airdrop, the coin will be minted on several blockchains. Details are at https://xen.network/

I open this issue as I noted that Metamask has better support for import of networks. Each blockchain supported by XEN has a dashboard page and at the bottom of page is link to a XEN contract (it is different for each blockchain). An example for ETHW, https://xen.network/ethpow

When I click contract link and my wallet is Metamask, I receive an offer to add unknown blockchain to the wallet or an offer to switch to the network if my Metamask is at different chain. Or I can use menu at the top of the page, button to switch between different contract and these interact with Metamask too.

When I do the same with Brave wallet, I have to control wallet manually, I have to find network details and fill the form, I have to switch between coins. The only thing that works with Brave wallet is button “Add XEN to wallet” (under MINT FREE XEN) but it can add token to wrong network because wallet is not switched to the correct network automatically.

I recommend to play with these XEN pages, user experience with Metamask is much better than with Brave wallet. I understand that this feature could be a security issue (but user has to confirm each action in Metamask).

Hi @MintUser
Thanks for reporting this and using Brave.
I have filed your issue to the official Github repository.
You can follow the issue here: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/26356

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