Metamask not sync with the ethereum network anymore

Metamask in Brave seems to work fine except when it comes to ETH network. The wallet in Brave does not want to sync and keep showing the token/coin from a different Network.

Eg: I have 34 MATIC on Polygon then trying to switch to Ethereum network it says I have 34 ETH and stay like this forever… just not syncing. As much as I would love to have 34 ETH in my wallet this is very bothering me not to be able to view my balance , left aside I not even want to try to do anything else…

FYI I check the same wallet using Chrome and absolutely no issue to use all different network.


You might take a look at

. . . and scroll down the page, where you will see some posts re MetaMask.

Something there, might help you.

Nothing here is related to my specific issue. Believe me I searched everywhere here before making my own request.

@ticothai I’m not quite sure what you’re saying on it. I’ve got two links I’ll list just in case they might somehow have an answer, though I’m not sure if it really will tackle what you’re saying. Overall though, probably going to have to get @brian involved when he gets in.

Might I suggest that you transition to using Brave Wallet? I can’t comment on how MetaMask displays native balances in other networks or how it works in general, but if you’d like help with Brave Wallet and you import your seed there, we’d be happy to help.

Otherwise you can continue to use MetaMask in Brave, but you will need to ask them for help. It will work the same in Brave as it does in Chrome.

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