Wallet does not allow to sent crypto in ZKSync Era Network to Metamask

The issue is related with the Brave wallet, I was able to deposit ETH on the wallet over the ZKSync Era Network but once the amount have been there, It is not possible to send it to another wallet over this network.

The deposit was succesfull and I am able to see the amount in the Brave wallet. If you try to sent any amount to another wallet (for example Metamask) when you click on Review transaction, there nothing else happens and the transaction never take place.


I really hope you did not respond to the message by Sandeep1. They are a scammer. Please do not respond to any messages saying that someone opened a support ticket for you. Tickets are supposed to be filed by us. There is no live chat support with Brave. @onyb could you help ?

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Thanks for reporting. Tracking it here. :point_down:

I assigned P2 priority since your funds are effectively stuck, unless you import your seed to a different wallet (which I don’t recommend).


Hello Mid12, I have encountered this exact same problem and already know the solution. The default settings in Brave wallet are incorrect for Zksync Era Mainnet. The chain ID should be 324 NOT 144. You can see all of the correct settings on this page: https://boxmining.com/zksync-token/

Just change your network settings and all of a sudden you will be able to move the funds. It worked for me.


The chain ID should be 0x144 or 324. They are both the same thing.

Reminder that the best way to add a custom EVM network is by going here: brave://settings/wallet/networks

@mid12 We just landed multiple fixes for zkSync Era on all channels, including 1.52.x. Please update to the latest version to resolve this issue.

Thanks for your patience!

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