Request for duplication of Brave connected crypto passbooks

Hello, I love the Brave browser, but I can’t connect my ‘‘Metamask’’ crypto wallet here. Can I add a ‘‘Metamask’’ wallet?

Do you mean import from MetaMask into Brave Wallet?
You can install the MetaMask extension on Brave and use that instead of Brave Wallet.

@brian I would send you a DM but it looks like you have that function disabled here on Brave Community, so figured I’d tag here where I see recent activity. I sent you an email to on February 25 but haven’t gotten a response. What is the best way to get in touch with you?

Also to clarify one of the things in my email. states You can store BAT you’ve earned through Brave Rewards in the Brave Wallet, but otherwise the two features are not connected. but then explains Brave Wallet is a self custody wallet and therefore we cannot currently pay to it for the user rev-share for ads. We would need to KYC/AML your address and may also need a money transmitter license to do so.

It just is a bit confusing to users as it kind of delivers two different messages. But beyond that, lots of other things to figure out. Really hoping you can find time to go over things like that and better understand Brave Wallet in general.

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