Why my account has been flagged?

Briefly describe your issue: My account has been flagged.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? I’m using brave in both android and windows and updated to current latest version.

Who is your verified custodian? Zebpay

I’m in supporting region India.

I have no idea that my account is flagged untill i got a message from support ticket. Can someone tell me why my account is flagged ? Is there anything can I do to remove the flag ?

If you want a specific answer, you won’t get one. Brave has long said it’s their policy never to tell anyone what they specifically did.

While it’s not much of an answer, you might want to kind of read Why do profiles get flagged?

It depends on the response you got. If they said it’s been flagged and won’t be reinstated, then there’s nothing more you can do. That is them saying they investigated and have made a final determination. Essentially they are permanently banning you (at least that specific profile and ZebPay account) from being able to receive payments from Rewards again.

If they didn’t tell you it won’t be reinstated, then you would just follow up with them and find out what they need.

I was told it will not be reinstated. I don’t have a slightest idea why they have done that. So based on your reply, I won’t be getting rewards then. Is there anyway I can remove the flag?

Then that’s your answer after someone from Brave investigated and reviewed the activity on your account.

As link stated, it’s because they determined your activity likely violated the Terms of Use. But also as I said prior, they won’t answer you specifically.

Correct. You can still view ads and all to support Brave and Creators, but can’t earn for yourself.

No. Not generally. At most all we can do is have you share the ticket number and then see if someone from Support, such as Evan123, would be willing to take a second look. Majority of times they will just confirm that the decision is accurate and final, but sometimes they’ll decide to remove the flag.

You can only request a second look once…after which there’s is never anything more you can do to get it reversed and all future posts/topics would be ignored. So what is the ticket number you received the response on?

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okay, got it. My ticket number is 267141. All I got was a computer generated response. Even though I submitted 2 different tickets for 2 different reasons, all that I got was same response, so I take that as computer generated. Even I’m waiting for a human response from Brave but I didn’t get any. I’m new to this community, so I don’t know much of the members. If you know that anyone could help, you can share my ticket number to look into issue.

Nah, you didn’t.

I’m guessing you’re not familiar with ticket systems? When you’re in a customer service situation, you get a lot of messages that will require the same types of responses. When you submit a ticket it shows up as something like an email with a form. They are able to review that information and then they have something like a dropdown box with decisions they can make.

For example, they might have a box that says Deny Reinstatement. This is them making the decision. But then instead of having to spend a lot of time giving you a custom response, they just choose to send you a generic response. So when they say Deny Reinstatement you get the message that says something like Accounts get flagged due to unusual activity. It has been decided not to reinstate your account. It’s not that a computer is responding, but it is indeed a generic copy/paste type of message to save time while the human is handling a bunch of stuff.

Keep in mind there are millions of users. Overall Brave has about 5 people working customer support. And they aren’t dedicated to just one area. They need to hire more people, but the executives say they don’t have the money for it and just have to make do for now.

That said, even I tend to use a lot of generic things. As an example:



These things are on my clipboard for me to post in. All the frequent links that I honestly shouldn’t have to constantly link. Unfortunately, most people are way too lazy and never take the time to look for similar topics before posting. Because they do that, anyone trying to help gets stuck repeating the same information over and over, continuously. Nobody has time to sit here and answer every single post in detail like I am with you right now.

If you need examples of this, check out the links below. You’ll notice they all have the same issue. Often we all respond to each the same way, suggesting they create a support ticket. But in all honesty, every single person should have looked through this forum and they would have seen the other topics and answers. This means we wouldn’t have had to waste our time replying and they would have gotten support tickets submitted and answered faster. Yet since this cycle goes on, it gets to a point where people trying to help others has to create generic messages and copy/paste.

I can’t speak for Support but I get tired of repeating, so sometimes ignore things that have readily available answers. But check out all the topics linked below…ask yourself how long you could deal with this many lazy people on a daily/weekly/monthly basis in making you repeat yourself constantly. Would you honestly not just reply with a simple copy/paste answer when there’s not much else to say?

Obviously can keep going. But imagine having all of these topics that could be avoided. And to top it all off, I even have a FAQ I had written and is pinned on this website.


If people paid attention, you would see that. It has lots of the common questions and answers too, such as:

All of that to say, do you realize how much time and effort is required to respond to all of these people? Especially if they were manually typed out and made to be custom responses for each one? And it’s not just here but on Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and many other places.

@Evan123 as you see, they are saying were told won’t they are flagged and won’t be reinstated. Can you see if anyone has taken a second look and confirm decision is accurate and final?

Hello - Yes, this case is clear and was thoroughly reviewed. It will not be reinstated.

Thank you for your understanding.

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I am not sure why you sent me someone else’s entire conversation with no context as to why this has anything to do with my account.

But I am asking why my account was flagged ?

@bakedmuffinman I didn’t send anything or tag you. But what likely happened is that you are subscribed for notices and it emailed you to let you know I had linked to your topic along with a bunch of other topics.

And I see you replied via email rather than coming to the forum, so you would not have paid attention to any of the prior conversation going on. It’s one of the downfalls of people who subscribe and only look at emails rather than coming back to the website to read stuff.

Anyway, I see Evan123 is following up with you. Not sure if you’ll hear any updates over the weekend as majority of people at Brave have weekends and American holidays off.

okay. Thanks for the effort.