My account is flagged without any reason

its been more than 4 months my account is flagged and never got paid and it was almost around 20+ BAT in it , I requested them on email many times but they are be like clueless so is there anyone who faces the same? or can help me out?

windows 10



Did you create a support ticket?

Email or support ticket?

How so?

Only thing I can say is if you didn’t, you’ll create a Rewards Support Ticket at If you did this and they responded to say your account is flagged and won’t be reinstated, then that’s the end of it. They investigated and determined you violated Terms.

However, if you did not submit a ticket you should do that. Or if you got some other response from them, you may want to share. Generally they either would reinstated your account and you receive payment in the next payout or they request additional information.

Guess it’s up to you to advise where you stand in that process.

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