Why I’m turning-off brave rewards:

While I like the idea of paying websites based on time spent, the implementation using bit-coin-like-tokens is a serious pain. I have no idea who these third-party wallet companies are. I don’t want to give them personal or corporate information. The few pennies earned by advertisements that I have no interest in, are certainly not helpful to me, nor to your advertisers. If you want a system which appeals to more than only cryptocurrency enthusiasts; kill the BATs, and work-out something with local country currency.


Hello @LanceHaverkamp

despite i do not like uphold also

but for drop bat and use local currency then brave will have to get that personal info that refused to offer to uphold it’s required by low to any company that pay user to implement by away or another the kyc (know your customer)

and in my humble opinion i do not think that brave would task as it require many work related to law stuff

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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The best thing to do is not think of it as an income source, but a way you can freely support the users and sites you want through tips.


Thanks! I definitely understand this isn’t income. My real problem is the cryptocurrency aspect. Most people don’t care for cryptocurrency, or disregard it as a fad, whose demise is already overdue.

+1000 agree with this

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My two cents:

  1. I don’t trust/know Uphold and I don’t want to have anything to do with them;
  2. the BATs earned through ads (in my area) are not enough to tip anyone.

The minimum tip is 1 BAT, so if in your country there isn’t the ads to get up to that amount, maybe it will one day. If nothing else, this browser has some things going for it. Vivaldi is my only other choice, but it doesn’t have the money that’s behind Brave. I’ll use Vivaldi for all the questionable things that might stop ads from appearing.

I dislike uphold too. People should be allowed to purchase giftcards without giving away all that info.

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