I love the option for BAT but there must be an alternative to Uphold

Uphold’s privacy policy is the exact opposite of what browsers like Brave set out to accomplish, and the fact that they require biometric data from users so they may share it with third party companies is absurd. I understand the case for identity verification, but giving up my facial recognition biometrics just so I can access my BAT is well beyond a simple security measure. Uphold is sleazy and has got to go. Use Coinbase, Binance, whatever.


I agree. My experience with the Brave browser has been good. Brave Rewards could also be a positive factor, but Uphold has been a horrendous experience. Alternatives to Uphold would be very appreciated.

I’ve only been using Uphold for a few months but have already had my account blocked twice. The more recent block has not been resolved for more than 3 weeks, preventing me from accessing my funds. They do not even respond to my requests for an update. This has secondarily soured my opinion of the Brave Rewards program. The continued association with Uphold also lowers my opinion of using the Brave Browser in general. Brave should not only offer an alternative, but should also completely end any association with Uphold.


Yes I agree too, An Uphold alternative is very appreciated

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Reflects my own experience with Uphold - I think they are a scam and judging by the complaints about BAT on an almost minute by minute basis the whole system is poorly designed and not fit for purpose. It suggests the whole thing is a con.


I couldn’t agree more. I’m new to brave and was loving it right up until the point that I realized what I needed to do to claim the rewards. Uphold is not the answer. My trust in the product has been reduced by this. I hope you figure out a different way.


That is exactly my opinion too.

Brave wants to promote privacy and then forces the use of a very intrusive external entity just to claim rewards. That is a contradiction in itself.

Please find some other solution.
Maybe simply send to an ordinary wallet ?
Consider Binance Smart Chain, there the fees are reasonable.


I have to point out that BAT is only one feature of brave. I mean I’ve been using brave for over 3 years now. I don’t think I have opened Chrome or Firefox once, other than on a new install… to download brave. I would be using brave even if crypto were a non-factor. That’s just me but I’m just saying… Getting to earn a few bats here and there, for me, is simply icing on the cake.

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