Tiny business idea: small scale BAT Payouts for non-verified users

Dear Brave Team :heart_eyes:

I red that you are planning to implement a payout feature for common users of your wonderful Browser. I noticed that actually there are a lot of people who want their Brave Rewards to be payed out and to me it seem’s that many users did not knew that they cannot get their earned BAT’s payout without a Brave Creators account. I also would guess that many of those that share a Referral link did not tell well to people, that common user’s cannot receive BAT payouts yet. Meanwhile I wanted to ask for your approval on me starting a little Business while your general payout feature is not ready (and only till that feature is available).

So here’s this idea:
A friend of mine and me, we came up with a little solution for our Brave Referral “clients”. How about they tip us two with their Brave BAT’s and we pay them back those BAT’s in return for their support? Of course we would also try to make a little profit by keeping the BAT’s that got raised by the BAT market course (or loose money in order to refund all of our clients BAT’s). So Is it possible to help people by starting a little Business especially for that? Would you say no to such a idea or do you offer any special terms or partnership on that topic? Can you say yes, please? That would be really cool!! :cowboy_hat_face:

Many thanks!

// edit: We would like to use my verified Uphold account in order to receive BAT-Tips that go to my verified Brave Publisher account.

Hello @life2k,

Thanks for your post, and the suggested feature!

I will pass this onto the team.


Dear Brave Support.

I’m sorry but I think my question got not answered yet. I was not trying to suggest a feature and maybe I did not talk clear enough. I wanted to ask if you’re okay with me and a buddy starting a business around receiving small amounts of BAT tips from our Referral user group and then re-transfer those contributed BAT’s back to people that downloaded, installed and run the Brave Browser. The BAT’s would be transferred to my Uphold account and from there I would be re-transferring them to different Crypto Wallet addresses. I am a verified Publisher and I hereby want to ask for your permission. Please let me know if it’s okay to do that or not.

Looking forward to your reply!

// edit: it would also include receiving BAT’s from users that did not download Brave with my referral link.

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