Abolish the uphold verification and deposit BAT into the Ethereum wallet

Hello Brave developers,
I am writing because I am frustrated with Basic Attention Token. I will not use brave again until you allow me to deposit my Basic Attention Token directly into the Ethereum wallet. I am using Vivaldi in the meantime, and minus the missing crypto wallet, is better in every way. I have moved my crypto into a desktop wallet, which is separate from the browser. Vivaldi even manages my emails and provides the among the most private email services available, and it even included end to end encrypted sync, a wordpress subdomain, and a forum. I will not go back to brave until you give me the right to hold my own BAT. BAT is mature enough that anyone can come up with a competitor by developing their own browser extension, copying the open source BAT smart contract, and doing what the BAT community has wanted all along that you won’t do. You will have to win me back my giving me freedom over my own BAT, I do not trust uphold, and neither should you.

Well, not going to happen most likely. There’s this annoying thing that we all have to obey, called laws. Government have a lot of requirements and are being incredibly harsh over the crypto world. See, they claimed that crypto is good for money laundering and funding terrorism. Hence KYC/AML that was developed. They also have been trying to figure out how to regulate cryptocurrency, as the government doesn’t like having something they can’t easily tax and control.

Brave is a business that has to report income, losses, etc and follow regulations. In order for them to pay anyone directly, this would require them to get special licenses, require KYC/AML for anyone using the browser, etc. Brave is operating with a bit of a loophole here by paying everyone directly to the browser and having users do the KYC/AML with partnered exchanges. That doesn’t mean they don’t still have things they have to report and do, but they are working on things.

Now, when I say not going to happen, it’s already been discussed they are moving Rewards to Brave Wallet next year, but they are still going to require KYC/AML with exchanges.

Why not? Not sure about you but I’ve been using Brave and Uphold for over 3 years now. Neither has ever done wrong by me. No fees, crypto arrived and swapped with no issues, etc.

Plus, even if you say you don’t trust Uphold, there’s also Gemini. You act like there’s only one choice. And there is yet another exchange that Brave is finalizing agreements with and will be presenting to everyone before long. So even if you just like to claim you don’t like Uphold, you have other options.

Okay, goodbye :wave:

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