For KYC Purposes-Withdrawal of BAT


For the Brave Rewards, many users do not want to KYC through multiple vendors (Uphold). Nothing against Uphold, I am sure they are fine.

Although, a feature would be nice to allow you to choose a Service provider (like Coinbase or Kraken) where users are already KYC. This reduces the amount of personal data given to third parties. Users can choose their trusted KYC provider (that may be an exchange or not) and not forced to use one venue.
Could you build a feature in the Rewards Wallet to either Remove KYC, or allow transfers to the trusted exchange, given that exchange (Coinbase or Kraken) notifies you that the user address is KYC properly via the exchange?


I couldn’t agree more as I do not have a smartphone that supports either Android or Apple services I can not move my BAT to my Uphold wallet and therefore I have now lost all the BAT earned from using Brave for all these months. It’s completely unfair.

I have tried using the Uphold verify without smartphone link where I upload my driving licence without issue but when it comes to the selfie they require the system does not like my pc camera and says the quality is too low. I have used my pc camera for verification purposes on all other crypto platforms and exchanges without any problem.

I wish Brave would reconsider their use of Uphold which is a very limited wallet provider. I am no longer clicking on any Brave ads as there is no point because I can’t earn anything due to not being able to move my BAT. Utterly pathetic and so restrictive. This is crypto for goodness sakes so why limit your platform to users of Android and Apple only!!! Madness.