For KYC Purposes-Withdrawal of BAT


For the Brave Rewards, many users do not want to KYC through multiple vendors (Uphold). Nothing against Uphold, I am sure they are fine.

Although, a feature would be nice to allow you to choose a Service provider (like Coinbase or Kraken) where users are already KYC. This reduces the amount of personal data given to third parties. Users can choose their trusted KYC provider (that may be an exchange or not) and not forced to use one venue.
Could you build a feature in the Rewards Wallet to either Remove KYC, or allow transfers to the trusted exchange, given that exchange (Coinbase or Kraken) notifies you that the user address is KYC properly via the exchange?

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I couldn’t agree more as I do not have a smartphone that supports either Android or Apple services I can not move my BAT to my Uphold wallet and therefore I have now lost all the BAT earned from using Brave for all these months. It’s completely unfair.

I have tried using the Uphold verify without smartphone link where I upload my driving licence without issue but when it comes to the selfie they require the system does not like my pc camera and says the quality is too low. I have used my pc camera for verification purposes on all other crypto platforms and exchanges without any problem.

I wish Brave would reconsider their use of Uphold which is a very limited wallet provider. I am no longer clicking on any Brave ads as there is no point because I can’t earn anything due to not being able to move my BAT. Utterly pathetic and so restrictive. This is crypto for goodness sakes so why limit your platform to users of Android and Apple only!!! Madness.


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Has there been any movement on this in the last 2+ years? I don’t want to be giving my personal information out to other parties, I don’t trust whoever Uphold is, I don’t trust Gemini. I was burned by several exchange disasters in the past and I already gave my info out to Kraken, they have already verified I am who I say I am, and can confirm the same to you, and wouldn’t let me receive the BAT into my account there otherwise - you can see this on their help page where they explain that only people who have been verified to the point of showing ID and a photo to match the ID are allowed to receive or send crypto.

So Brave, please tell me you have done something about this since 2019, or will very soon.

Then part of what I’ll link below is for specific comment that I’ll quote.

Brave Wallet is not related to Brave Rewards.
Brave Wallet is a self custody wallet.
Brave Rewards is for ad revenue share, fore regulatory reasons, they cannot go to your self custody Brave Wallet.

What I quoted was just to show you that yes they are planning things for the future. No, it is not necessarily anything that’s going to be happening anytime soon. And no, in case you might be wondering it is not possible for them to have Brave wallet as a custodial wallet either.

And for those who mentioned Coinbase, that is not a custodial wallet. It is a hot wallet. Coinbase themselves actually state that.

This is 100% false information. Please actually click into the link of your Google search before you start spreading false information.

Coinbase, is an exchange/custodial wallet, Coinbase Pro is also an exchange/custodial wallet.
Coinbase Wallet, is a completely separate product akin to Metamask.

It is literally the first thing that you see when click on the link in your screenshot.

You’re wrong in saying that. First off, you didn’t specify any particular aspect and there was truth in everything that was said. For example, Coinbase. I said “Coinbase is not a custodial wallet,” that is true. As their own FAQ mentioned, Coinbase Wallet is a non-custodial. So that part is 100% true.

Then the next part of what I said, “it is a hot wallet.” That is 100% true as well. Though it being a “hot wallet” has absolutely nothing to do with being able to be teamed up with Brave Rewards or anything. Back then I thought “hot wallet” was another term for “non-custodial” but that is inaccurate.

I did click on it and many others. Believe it or not, I even thoroughly read through a lot of things on it and Binance at the time. Back then, I was looking for the word “custodial wallet” and it doesn’t say that anywhere. It just said “non-custodial.” As such, I kept looking at descriptions and tried getting an understanding. For example:

The Coinbase app (available on iOS and Android) is the company’s product for individuals looking to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, also available at
(This is from)

Notice how it doesn’t say you can send, trade, or receive? It just says buy and sell. So as I was going through and learning, comparing to the phrasing elsewhere. Either way, had official responses saying it wasn’t possible and then I was piecing together the why. Not all humans are 100% correct, 100% of the time.

It’s good to KINDLY correct people and try to ask questions. But I would work on your approach a bit. Also focus on where a person is wrong, not making assumptions as you did and using exaggerated terms like “this is 100% false information” when it’s only a portion of the things they said was inaccurate.

as said here, it’s a self-custodial wallet which is other term for non-custodial
you can check:

Apologies for not referencing exactly what was incorrect, but based off of the content referenced in my response I thought that was clear.

The original poster is talking about Coinbase/Kraken, both of which are platforms / services that contain custodial wallets. He never mentions Coinbase Wallet which is a completely separate product.

You then proceed to say:

And for those who mentioned Coinbase, that is not a custodial wallet.

This is wrong, the FAQ you are referencing that says “Coinbase Wallet is a non-custodial wallet” is about Coinbase Wallet, not Coinbase.

And then in your response proceed to say:

“Coinbase is not a custodial wallet,” that is true. As their own FAQ [Coinbase Wallet’s FAQ] mentioned, Coinbase Wallet is a non-custodial. So that part is 100% true.

Coinbase ≠ Coinbase Wallet, so once again, not true.

Coinbase = Custodial Wallet / Exchange / Trading Platform.
Coinbase Wallet = Hot Wallet, manage your own keys, etc. non-custodial.

@anonp Look, I addressed a lot of that in the one before. I explained that back then I was still learning and I mixed up what some of the words meant. One example was how I thought hot wallet = non-custodial. Obviously that’s completely wrong. Yet I also explained where it didn’t speak of some things, like being able to send, receive, or trade crypto. It only said buy or sell.

So the way I saw it back then is Coinbase is where you buy and sell, then Coinbase Wallet is where you store to send/receive. The difference being that Coinbase would have essentially been for investments and not accessible until moved to a wallet.

Again, it’s a problem of someone who was learning on cryptocurrency and isn’t financially able to test out all the different platforms. I also was including messages from staff which mentioned it wasn’t possible. Unfortunately, there was confusion and a misunderstanding.

Which is why I said, we can’t be right 100% of the time. Nor am I even trying to pretend I wasn’t mistaken. I’m not even getting at you for offering corrections and trying to educate anyone. The only thing I was communicating with you is your tone and assumptions. I actually had been doing the same thing for a short while and people complained. Actually was a Reddit complaining about me and then staff here reached out to ask me to try to tone it down. So I’ve been working on it a bit. Always good to share info and respond to people, but how we phrase things can be very important.

Thanks for your feedback and helping to point out the difference between Coinbase and Coinbase Wallet for anyone else who might see this in the future.