Logged off from all devices

Thanks Brave for logging me off from all devices and since Gemini nor Uphold are not available in my country I cant transfer my current BAT. I dont see reason using it.
Brave rewards and crypto are one of your main advertisements and it kinda sucks that they are available in like 10 EU countries.
Lately it feels like Brave is doing one step foward and two backward. With all those monthly payout problems, flagging accs and now this i dont see future for brave rewards. There is just too much struggle/problems and restrictions to be worth using it.
Brave as a browser is good, and I like their privacy protection but if they cant focus on both privacy and crypto they should chose one and be good at it.
Rant over.

Crypto isn’t a Brave issue. Uphold and Gemini are restricting regions, such as how Uphold just pulled out of Venezuela.

There are a LOT of government regulations that are controlling what can happen in the crypto world these days. Brave is working on other options to try to be more decentralized again, but it’s not easy or quick. You’re still able to earn BAT, tip Creators, etc. The only thing you’re limited on if Uphold and Gemini aren’t allowing Brave to connect in your region is that you can’t convert it to cash.

If you get time later, check out Psa: updates from brave call

In that is link to YouTube to hear them speaking about it a bit, especially if go to where I started talking to them at around 42 minutes in the video.

And as I said, where it’s not all Brave, check out PSA: Venezuela no longer supported by Uphold (or Gemini) and the comments there.

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