Who else hates Brave with a passion?

I did absolutely nothing that I can think of to trigger Brave’s ridiculous securty system yet my profile was flagged and now I can’t get my brave out and from what I understand it is a recurring theme with Brave.

I shouldn’t have to go through this much trouble to get my tokens out and I certainly shouldn’t have to jeapordize my privacy my posting on this forum or contacting brave directly about my rewards! Like what browser requires you to do that?!

Brave is a bonified JOKE to the ecosystem and ethos of blockchain. I will be uninstalling it from my computer. The browser is inferior to other browsers so why should I keep using if they do not stand for the values I thought they stood for?? They know more about their users than any other browser from what I can gather. I mean, in order to get your Brave out you have to register with a CEX that collects so much sensitive and identifying info about you it’s ridiculous than they lock you out of your tokens and force you to contact them. No other browser ever forces you to identify who you are like Brave does.

Brave = surveillance.

more BAT for the rest of us.

No other browser pays you to use it. Look at what you’re complaining about. It’s not the browser itself but it’s Rewards. No account necessary, personal information needed to be shared, or anything if you just use Brave as a browser. Instead you want to use Rewards, which is regulated a bit by government. Sure, you can earn Rewards and tip Creators if you’d like, but you don’t want that. You’re wanting to use it to convert to cash, for a profit. In that case, you have to provide some identifying information. It’s literally in the Terms for your using Rewards and Brave Ads.

No such thing. This is the most ridiculous claim I’ve heard in a while. It’s easy to create emails and/or use fake names. You provide your Wallet Payment ID for your browser, but that’s just so they can see if there’s any issues and get payment to you. You’re just wanting to complain, so I guess mission accomplished.

Maybe, though I have to say people who come to complain and throw out a lot of false accusations as you have typically are people who truly did something they shouldn’t. It’s a bad habit that people pick up, thinking if they just complain and/or play the victim, that someone will just “look the other way” or try to plead to bend over and kiss your butt. The conversation looks completely different when a person legitimately did nothing wrong.

What are you talking about?! It’s idiotic logic like that that creates suspicion where none exists. Again, I did ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong to have my profile flagged. NOTHING. Only thing I can think of is I created multiple browser profiles, but that was just so I could install multiple Metamask wallets though this is really none of your or Brave’s business. It would be different if my profile #2 was flagged then I could at least understand why it was flagged (suspicion of double rewarding, if that’s even possible) but no instead Brave locks my tokens from my main profile that I had never cashed before for some trumped up reason so I can’t sell them. And I’m not here just for the profit but when you see that you’ve been good to Brave by making Brave your primary browser only to have them flagged your profile as if you were a bad actor, well, it’s not exactly a great feeling or look for Brave for that matter. Also, I did my research before posting and had found I’m not the only one who’s been cheated like this. Oh, and I’m not playing a victim, I am a victim in this case.

Comes from experience. For 20 years I worked security and loss prevention. Many of the shoplifters and thieves I had to detain spouted off like you did. They were going to pay for it, didn’t mean to shove it in their bags, someone made them do it, etc. Yet for those of us watching the cameras or even watching from nearby, you can see as they were looking around and intentionally doing what they wanted. We even had people who would start to cry and beg us not to get the police involved, coming up with all sorts of sob stories…most of which we found out was complete BS after the police was done with them.

Of course, afterwards they would argue we only caught them because we’re racist and wouldn’t have approached them if they were White. Or they’d say that they didn’t steal anything and we put the property in their possession or lied about it. You’d be shocked at all the accusations. Then you’d pull out the videos which shows clear as day that they’re lying. But they’d still do all they could to make us out as the bad guys, whether it be in an attempt to get out of what they did or just as retaliation for catching them.

Again though, trusting their word. You’ll never see someone who says, “yeah, I was scamming for BAT when I got flagged.” They’re going to play innocent and hope to get it removed so they can keep scamming. It’s how “the game” is played.

Sure, there are people who have been “wrongly” flagged by the system and where Brave removes the flag when people submit support tickets to inquire about it.

Generally when people are wrongly flagged, they say so and ask how to get it removed. They’ll perhaps blow off some steam with it, but nothing too extreme. Just enough to say it should be fixed and it’s not right that they had to be inconvenienced.

When someone escalates things and writes an entire conspiracy theory, without even asking for any help or a resolution, it brings a whole different perception to things. It makes it seem as if the person knew they did wrong but now is trying to tarnish the reputation of the place that caught them.

Am I straight up throwing accusations at you? Negative. I am just telling you how it can be perceived and I also pointed out at least a couple issues in what you initially said.

If you’re wanting help with it, then I’d suggest you create a support ticket.
If you were here just to complain, then I guess you’ve fulfilled your objective.

Guess beyond that, you just have to decide if wanting to keep using Brave and, if so, if you’re going to continue Rewards or quit using it.

Good luck with whatever you do.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be closing this thread as it seems like you’re just ranting — not being constructive or requesting support.

If you’d like to have a support team member take a look at your case and see what we can do about your wallet being flagged, then submit at ticket like everyone else and we will be happy to assist you. If you’d like, you’re welcome to DM me with the ticket number you have so I can ensure your case gets looked at in a timely manner.

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