Brave without all this crypto stuff?

I’m put off by the request to unblock my selfie camera and give some people I don’t know all sorts of personal information, the kind of intrusive attention I thought I was using Brave to avoid.

And I seem to get ads for crypto wallet stuff every few minutes now, which I never did before.

So what exactly is required to use Brave in a high privacy mode?

In the Brave / Settings / Brave Rewards (at the top), you can disable this functionality, and use without rewards :slight_smile:

Did that, and now I’m getting a lot of intrusive inline ads. Far more crap than I get with Firefox and adblock. I wish I could get across to the ad pushers that anything pushed into my attention unwanted is a thing I will never ever buy.

As @fanboynz stated, if you properly disabled Brave Rewards in Settings, you should not be seeing any Brave Ads served to you. Can you share a screenshot of the type of ad(s) you’re seeing?

So we’re talking about ads that appear in the web page directly. Are you seeing that advertisement on or anther wayfair domain? Or is it a separate/unrelated site?

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It showed up at, and I have no idea what “wayfair” is, never heard of it.

I reinstalled UBlocker, which seems to have fixed the problem.