It's not all about the brave rewards

I am from the Philippines and I still use this browser because it is secured, trustworthy and reliable. I hope Brave admins will help genuine users in restricted regions to receive rewards…hehehe I hope brave will become the new google someday. All the best power to all brave admins, founders and owners!


yes definitely trustworthy wink wink

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why are you crying ? do you enjoy earning $0.45 monthly on brave?

You give a lot of awesome info in places and are a big help. I would advise though to try to be mindful of this portion. I used to argue and do the same as you’re doing now, but it gets you in trouble. I’m autistic and had a traumatic brain injury a while back, so impulsivity is a challenge for me, where I sometimes have to delay making comments and read again to make sure I don’t throw out insults.

I know you’ll do you regardless, but just wanted to pass this along just to encourage you try to refrain a bit from it.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but wasn’t the purpose of the screenshot to show that it was able to identify that the browser was Brave? So saying that the fingerprinting protection was not as strong as perhaps it should be, since it’s able to detect the actual browser and not just what the browser is reporting itself to be?

I know that’s just a small portion of things and there’s a lot more that needs to be identified in order to be more specific, but it does narrow down the pool of browsers/Users quite significantly compared to thinking it’s Chrome or Chromium.

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