Brave rewards addresses, not companies

We don’t want to use those crappy sub-par companies to get our crypto rewards. How about just an address to send BAT to? Why must we use the crap YOU DECIDE??? Why must we give these companies all our details just to get OUR PROPERTY??
No, this is unacceptable. Brave claims to be all about freedom, yet you want to make our choices for us? No, we don’t want to use any morons YOU FEEL WE SHOULD - we’d like our BAT rewards without restrictions, and in the free spirit of crypto, NOT YOUR IDIOTIC CHOICES OF SLAVERY - this is SUCH an arrogant thing, that you decide we should use those crappy businesses just to GET OUR REWARDS THAT WE ALREADY EARNED.

We don’t like your decisions, your decisions are pathetically atrocious - they’re retarded. We’ll make our own, like free people - you oppressive bunch of idiotic twats.
Not to mention, that nobody is allowed to say things straight-up - why the million filters? Are you afraid people will start talking straight and true, saying that you’re just money-hungry C U N T S?

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