Where are my earnings in BAT?

Hi, I have been waiting for the payment of about 79.27 BAT for a long time and this for several months.
What’s going on? With Uphold everything is in order.
What’s wrong?
Thank you.

Hi, @LionheartV80, there is a Support thread you can follow for updates on the payout process. In the original post of the thread, there is a checklist and instructions to follow in DM’ing Support, too.

We are on April 17th … so well beyond April 8th as agreed and I still don’t receive my BATs.
Why? What’s wrong?

I am also waiting for my 80 BAT for 4 months now. Brave speed is so slow.

Have both of you followed the instructions on DM’ing @steeven on that post I linked?

Also, make sure you are both at the latest version, v1.23.71.

The version is irrelevant for creator pay-outs as they are processed server side.

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Nothing … we are at the end of April and I still haven’t seen my BATs.
What’s wrong?
Now Uphold seems to have problems too.

Brave is fraud. They aren’t paying for several months. They always make the same excuses and solve nothing

I have seen this. But I don’t want to accuse of fraud. I just want to understand why they don’t pay and I don’t get answers from their staff either. I really want to know what’s going on.

I think alot of these problems are on upholds end, if we were paid directly to our eth address this process would be much smoother, I know they want end users to kyc and I’m wondering is it possible to kyc and tie a personall eth address right on blockchain, does this service exist anywhere? could be our solution if that’s a possibility

@LionheartV80 I’ve tried to talk to them several times … They always say the same thing. It is very strange and suspicious. 6 months to solve a bug ?? Good luck getting an answer … If your problem is solved please write here …

Well, when the problem is solved (and if it is solved) I will definitely write it here.
Also I have seen that Uphold has been having problems recently.
What a bad service …!
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Nothing to do, I also report the problem to Uphold, since the problem is that Brave Rewards does not connect to Uphold and the latter tell me to contact Brave support.
They tell me to check the latest version of Brave and I always have it updated, or to check the connection when everything is ok, I’m a computer technician and all this offends me!
It’s just a mockery. Shame!
Only after connecting and disconnecting the Uphold account several times was I able to mysteriously solve the problem.
But do you realize what kind of mess?

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