I did not receive payment from Brave Rewards Creators

I have verified my Uphold account, I had some bats in my Brave Reward Creators account and I thought they would pay on the 8th of this month as it appeared on the page and I have been waiting since that day and I have not received payment for my bats.
I want to know if they are still paying or it is a delay in the payments they have or I have to do something else to get my Bats to my Uphold account.
Thank you very much, have a great day.

You and many others my friend. It would appear this is a pretty widespread problem.

It has been months like this without paying or is it only this month ???

For me it’s been two months. The site says “generating payment” and then just goes back to showing I have X amount of BAT pending for next month.

yeah same here still didnt get BAT last few months made posts and @steeven few time replayed still no payout. If there is lot topic about no payout he gonna post about payment issue and they working on it something like that then its gonna be next month and repeat. I don’t know why they doesn’t care about creators, and brave browser rewards seems no issue like that.

Last deposit date for me was Feb 12, 2021. Disconnected and reconnected Uphold account, but nothing changed. I will continue to be PatientAF (.com) like one of my BAT-enabled sites.

Please DM the email linked to your account.